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  • Hericium nutrition valueTime:2015/03/25
  • Hericium nutrition value Hedgehog fungus, hedgehog fungus, hericium, alias small thorn hedgehog, monkey mushroom and so on, for all tooth bacterium families of hericium erinaceus plant grass. Hericium moisture content per 100 grams, 92.5 grams, protein 2.4 grams of fat 0. L g, crude fiber 4.3 grams, ash 0.9 grams, 0.01 mg thiamine, riboflavin, 0.03 mg niacin 0. L mg, 4 milli ascorbic acid, vitamin E0.46 mg, k 13 mg, 323.9 mg of sodium, 24 mg calcium, magnesium, 7 mg, 2.8 mg, 0.43 mg, zinc copper 0.1 mg, phosphorus 37 mg etc. In addition, still contain ketone of hericium erinaceus, alk...
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