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  • Mushroom and how to wash clean?
  • Time:2014-03-07  Source:ZhengXun Edible Fungus Growing Co-operatives in Longshan District Liaoyuan City
  • Xianggu mushroom, due to rich nutrition, aroma ooze spleen, taste delicious, known as the king of the "mushroom", "the mushroom queen", "crown of vegetables" reputation. Mushroom and good, but it is not easy to wash.

    Here is the correct way to wash mushrooms:

    1, should first will mushroom surface rinse in cold water.

    2, with a mushroom roots can be removed, and then "gill page" down in the warm water soak in the basin, stay with mushroom after soften, "gill page" open, with a few chopsticks or hands in the water to spin stirring in one direction, then and gills of the mushroom surface sediment will fall with the spin stir, stir a few times, over and over again for about 10 minutes, stir to make mushroom umbrella fold open slowly, the sand will slowly fall into the pelvic floor.

    3, gently remove mushrooms and rinse, can thoroughly wash the dirt.

    In addition, there are some matters needing attention:

    1, when the wash mushrooms, besides can't wash by hand grasp, also not to swing in the opposite direction to stir, or grains of sand is not only not fall down, and had fallen sands will by the reverse flow back to the gills.

    2, if the mushroom is clean, rinse with clear water, as long as can, so that we can save the delicate flavors of the mushroom.

    3 as soon as possible, avoid to make mushrooms soaked, choose soaking with hot water or sugar, so it will make the water soluble content, such as excellent precious polysaccharide, amino acid dissolved in water in great quantities, destruction of mushroom and nutrition.

    Four, hair good mushrooms in the refrigerator frozen wouldn't loss of nutrition.

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